Top 6 Mobile Development Tools To Empower Developers

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  • September 17, 2014
Mobile Development Tools

Today when the cross market apps are achieving to take the forefront, more developers are looking to make the most of the audience size on different platforms. However, what is constraining is the lack of knowledge and varied different programming languages that are passing along with time. Today’s developers with heavy work loads and competition at the peak and no time to devote, what would they do? They utilize different well planned cross-platform development tools, giving the designers their time to breathe.

Here’s are the top six picks in cross-platform tools:


Probably the best and most accepted development tool for multiple platforms is PhoneGap. Also known to many as the Apache Cordova, PhoneGap is ideal for developers who don’t have much knowledge of the servers and need to design apps using the experience on the front end. Since it is one of the oldest tools for developers, the changes, features and updates are quite frequent. Adding to this, PhoneGap is essentially open-source, so there are endless plugins for free available for developers. While designing Hybrid Apps, developers still need to concentrate on performance metrics, given that such apps can have their own issues.

Xamarin 2.0

For those who are advanced with app designing and need some help, Xamarin 2.0 is a good tool that allows cross-platform app development with ease, exclusively for Android and iOS. This is a C#-based platform, where the code is executed on a .NET framework. Once the process is completed, it is returned to the standard code for both platforms. Thanks to the features it offers for iOS and Android, working on large projects doesn’t seem tough anymore


Another great choice is Appcelerator, which works using a JavaScript API coupled with native UI features. For the developers, Appcelerator works wonders because they can code in JavaScript, and the tool works on the various UI elements that are native to the platform. No doubt, the app performance is bettered by many times. What makes this tool work is the presence use of JavaScript, and there are features like analytics and BaaS, which works great.


If one is looking for a cross-platform development tool that focuses on games alone, Unity is the name to go by. With an “integrated development environment (IDE)”, this tool brings in a game engine that works for all platforms. As for the developers, they can use UnityScript, which is ECMAScript syntax in customized version, or C#. Also there is support for Python-inspired Boo. One reason to go for Unity is the graphics engine that does wonders with variety of APIs for better user experience.


Using Ruby for the integrated framework, RhoMobile is a great dev tool that works for making apps compatible with varied platforms. The app works best for those who are advanced in the field, but yes, there is also support for newbie app developers. Features like RhoHub and RhoSync only make the tool even more worth attention.


It is a framework for formulating a web development for giving the same appearance and look as that of the native applications. The importance of this tool lies in using in conjunction with PhoneGap or using the same alone. It still helps developers have the complete control over the level API which is generally not applicable for the web applications.

Development tools are not less but many, this entails developers to continue patrolling for the tool, that would increase their performance. With the intensity to press forward towards HTML 5, developers can expect for much more frame works Developers should check on the reviews before .

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