4 Important Skills That Any App Developer Must Have

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  • September 24, 2014

For the finest moments in a life to call, construct your stakes for the hard work but more than that acquire the skills. This fact is true for all the professions or any work and rightly true in the app development too. In the IT sector, particularly in the mobile application development, only acquiring programming skills is not an assurance of the success, though it can help in developing a great app. Requirement is to acquire strategic skills that can push your application across competition.`

And here are some of them?

Acquiring Cross-Platform Capability

Cross-platform applications are a trend of today. If an app is developed only on one Operating System, it can cut off your huge user base. So today’s developers should have a cross platform plan before they could begin their coding process. Developers should keep themselves updated for cross-platform development engines popping up through the internet. They are designed to help mobile application developers to port their apps through main operating systems.

Now users are also demanding more, more usefulness, more value, and more entertainment through their mobile phone. To meet their needs they are getting much more wearable tech like Virtually Reality devices or great 3D experiences. Many IT giants are making efforts to reduce the bridge between Smartphone and other platforms, and they are getting success to in the same.

Right through planning and implementing developers mind should traverse through different options available on the net. This process would make them more skilled in giving what is new and best to the users.

Nose For UI/UX

Quite operational and functional bug free code is only one a part of the job, rest is to have a nose for user’s requirements and needs. This aspect is successfully actualized with the help of User Interface or User Experience designs on the app, the designs through which users will feel more comfortable and associated. As a developer, you can take short courses in understanding what a UX means in development and how can UX and UI is achievable, though you can take the help of experienced UX/UI designers too.

Know The ways to Localize Your Apps

As the mobile market has been building across the globe, developers are also thinking on different ways in how they could get their app reach the global audience. As an app developer, you need to understand, “Where is your market”?, which requires analysis and study about the market position. Secondly tailor the app as per the geographical location, which requires for translating the content for the region specific and modifying as per the culture, taste and preference of the locals. For example, if your target audience is China, you can remove any tie-ups with Facebook or Google and incorporate plugins for Chinese sites like Weibo or Baidu. If your clients are Europeans, be more careful with data privacy.   In these situations you have to keep on updating your app, cutting down the information or adding more as need be. So just be alert.

Adopt An Agile Approach

It is a quite right that mobile market is neither too old nor it is new as app market is always evolving, It is, therefore, very difficult for the developers to understand what customers actually wanted to now the kinds of apps required. Agile engineering is most appropriate method to handle any confusions in customer’s needs and is a constant process. All the successful apps begin with the basic premises of meeting the needs as their next goal is to acquire a minimal viable product into the hands of customers. You can very well develop a quick MVP within weeks or months but once you have customers feedback, you can regularly improve and keep on adding more features.

Knowledge is an unending process, more knowledge you game, more the skills you can acquire and more will be a success. And it is also a right time for it, So get going!

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